Sunday Arrival & Dismissal Info

  • All Sunday programs begin at 1PM unless otherwise stated.
  • We hold an arrival time from 12:30-1:00PM so we have time to settle all arriving children with their groups, take attendance and give them time to buy food, drinks or snacks.
  • There is no need to drop your child to the center before 12:30PM unless we specifically give you another drop-off time.
  • All Sunday programs are dismissed at 4:30PM unless otherwise stated.
  • Classes end at 4:10PM. We provide time for our counselors to gather all their children’s belongings, pack up their projects and bring them to their dismissal area.
  • If you do get to the center before 4:30PM, we ask that you wait by Ave S Exit so kids are not being grabbed before counselors can get their kids to the dismissal area and sign them out properly.

When Picking Up Your Child

Please wait by Ave S door. We will either bring your child out to your car or take their name at the door and bring them outside for you. Please make your children aware of where you will pick them up because many children worry that their parents will not know where to get them.

To Register for Busing

In order for your child to take busing from school to the center or from the center to your home, You must register at least 5 days before program start so we can properly inform the right parties of their attendance.

Sunday Funday and Kindergarten Girls

You can drop your children off in front of the building and we will escort them or walk them in yourselves to the lower level.


After posted times you can send your child into building’s front entrance & ask the front desk to page us so we can take them to where their program is currently located.

Dismissal Location

Ave S Exit 4:30PM