Fitness Events

All in all, the 2017 Annual Indoor Triathlon was at near maximum capacity with 30 competing athletes, seven of whom were women.
Athletes were divided by gender and the heats were broken up into groups of five.

The events:
500 Yard Swim
8-Mile Bike (recumbent bike)
3-Mile Run (treadmill)

Overall Winners:

Men’s 1st Overall: Max Tawil (47:40)
Men’s 2nd Overall: Ari Baum (50:40)
Men’s 3rd Overall: Abie Levy (55:10)

Women’s 1st Overall: Sally Shatzkes (53:11)
Women’s 2nd Overall: Suzy Haber (61:34)
Women’s 3rd Overall: Ester Panigel (62:06)

Other Age Group Winners:
Ike Levy; Joey Dabbah; Steven Smouha; Raquel Cohen; Julie Saadia

The men tear through the pool on their way to the bikes and treadmills upstairs.

Sol Setton, Aaron Panigel, and Isaac Sweid on bikes.

Isaac Sweid pushing it on bike.

Ari Baum and Max Tawil running.

Some of the category winners.

Sally Shatzkes collects her prize for 1st Place, Women’s Overall.

Suzy Haber, seen here holding her niece, is a first-time triathlete, but that didn’t stop her from taking home the award for Women’s Overall, 2nd Place.

Lenny Saulkin with Ari Baum, Men’s Overall, 2nd Place

Mother and daughter triathletes, Debbie and Julie Saadia, celebrate with friends and family.

Bill Dayan stands proudly with his mom, Sharon, to congratulate her for finishing the triathlon.