Early Childhood

Amy Betesh – EC Chairperson
Aimee Mishaan, B.A. – EC Administrator 718-954-3157
Lisette Lalo, M.A. – EC Educational Director 718-954-3158

Available to families with a child in our Pre-School. Plus, your Building Fund deferred for 1 year.
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The Early Childhood Department at the SCC offers educational and recreational programs for our VIP’s (Very Important Pre-Schoolers) ages eighteen months through five years old. Our Early Childhood staff have the highest degrees and are all accredited professionals who lead and inspire our youngest members. Our three decades of experience based on a solid framework of child development have contributed to our being the top early childhood center in the community.

• A whole-child approach based on a solid framework of child development… to promote the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of young children
• A licensed program with the lowest child-teacher ratio
• Knowledgeable Masters-degree teachers to nurture and to teach Hebrew and English readiness skills, science, math and computers
• Program accepts therapists and SEITs for children with early intervention needs
• Child-friendly classrooms with a state-of-the-art rooftop playground
Brand-new Pre-school Media Center, using iPads, laptops, and headsets to enhance literacy and reading skills

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