On Going Services

Door-To-Door Transportation
As available, the SCC’s handicapped accessible mini-bus may pick up senior adults to bring them to and from Center programs and their homes. Our route is between Foster Ave and Ave Z, and between McDonald Ave and Ocean Ave.
Please click here to fill out the bus application. For schedule information and to make a reservation on a first-come first served basics, please call in advance (718-627-4300).

Cost: $3/ride or $5/round-trip

The Social Services Department provides a vital link to services for community members who need help coping with life’s challenges. We provide:
Seminars, support groups, special events and programs
Information and referral for in-depth services Confidential, supportive short-term counseling

Please let us know if you have program suggestions for how we can best meet your needs. For more information or to schedule a confidential appointment, please call Linda Eber, L.C.S.W.,
at 718-954-3154

Ongoing Programs:

Programs require a minimum number of participants.
Please call to RSVP and confirm program dates and times which may be subject to change.
Programs require a minimum number of participants. Please call to RSVP and confirm program dates and times which may be subject to change.

Bereaved Mothers’ Group
Facilitated by Craig Podell, LCSW
Tuesdays, 12:30-2:00 PM
Feb 9, March 8, and April 5, May 3, June 7, July 12
Mothers who have lost a child share feelings and get support from others who are also coping with this heart-wrenching grief. Facilitated by Craig Podell, L.C.S.W.

Caregiver Support Group
Intake interview is required before attending.
Share experiences and trade tips for managing the emotional and physical demands of caring for an ill loved one. Discuss meeting the challenges while nourishing yourself and preserving your own sense of wellness. Please call Linda Eber for more info.

Educational seminars for caregivers of people with dementia
Professionals present practical information for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias on a variety of significant topics such as managing challenging behaviors, recognizing and preventing caregiver burnout, accessing services and long-term care planning. Please call to receive mailings about specific programs.

Brain Works: For People with Early Stage Memory Loss
Mondays & Thursdays
1:00-3:00 PM
Fee: $25 per session (billed monthly)
Transportation may be available upon request. An intake interview is required prior to attending the program. Please call Linda Eber at 718-954-3154 to schedule an appt. This program is made possible in part through the support of the Altoon Tunie Sutton Endowment Fund.

Brain Works is a unique program designed to meet the needs of people with early stage memory loss to enhance focus and concentration while maintaining an active, upbeat recreational and social setting. Our lead facilitator, Tally Grazi, creates a nurturing environment that engages participants in mentally stimulating exercises and fun group activities such as word games and brain teasers, table games, singing, dancing, arts & crafts, and exercise.

“You are truly doing G-d’s work through your Brain Works program. The program brings great pleasure to the challenged lives of its participants. It is my mother’s primary social and recreational outlet. She would go every day if she could. “

“Enrolling my mother in your Brain Works program is one of the best things I have done for her. She comes to life when she participates and her enthusiasm is obvious… I cannot begin to express my gratitude for this wonderful program.”

“At first, I was horrified at the thought of my mother in a group for people with Alzheimer’s. She would be labeled and everyone would know… But, I agreed to give the group a try. ..When I picked her up after the program, I was amazed at the sparkle in her eyes. She had been transformed into a happy person! Even though she couldn’t remember everything they did, she couldn’t wait to go back! She felt whole, alive, normal and part of the community.”

“My mother and I appreciate your Brain Works Program… Here at the SCC, she has the opportunity to feel competent and young again…The warmth and care she receives fills a tremendous need and above all else is a wonderful chesed.”

Counseling For People Coping With Serious Illness Or Loss
Provided by the Ricky Haddad Memorial Foundation
The Ricky Haddad Memorial Foundation, in conjunction with the SCC Social Services Department, helps individuals afflicted with a serious illness, as well as their families, by providing confidential counseling services. After an initial session at the Center at no charge, you may be referred for up to 10 individual, couple or family counseling sessions (for a small co-payment). In the event a family has lost a loved one, we will offer a range of bereavement services.

Originally established by Sarah Haddad Cheney and her family in 1999 on the 20th Anniversary of the yahrtzeit of Ricky Haddad, it is our hope that this support will reassure and comfort individuals and their families during their difficult time. Please contact Sarah Cheney, Adelaide Khezrie, or Amy Sasson, or call Linda Eber, L.C.S.W. at 718-954-3154 at the SCC to make a confidential, initial appointment.



Join upbeat monthly gatherings to socialize with friends, hear presentations & discuss various topics of interest. Enjoy a light dinner while meeting with old friends and new. Get involved & let us know your ideas for future programs! Please contact Sally Shamah at 718-645-3239 or Linda Eber at 718-954-3154 or Linda@SCCLive.org

WED, FEB 3 Breaking Shells: Planting Seeds
WED, MARCH.9 Cabaret Night with singer Sharon Wyse
Light dinner-6:30 PM
Program begins-7:15 PM *Cost: Members $5 Non Members $7

SCC GARDEN CLUB: For people who love plants!

Open to experienced gardeners and those who want to grow “green thumbs” Join in fun, hands-on gardening activities for learning about urban gardening for your own home, and to help keep SCC’s beautiful raised bed garden growing!

Please call for more information and specific program topics and dates. To get involved, contact Linda Eber at 718-954-3154 or Linda@SCCLive.org


Thursdays 1:00 PM
Socialize with old friends and new!
Join discussions, seminars, movies, ROMEOS (Retired Older Men Eating Out), and more!


*providing support for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease*

Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and other forms of dementia are increasing and affecting many members of our community. The SCC has various programs that can provide help with this heartbreaking illness. The Center offers Afternoons Out and Brain Works, ongoing social programs for those affected by dementia. Lead facilitator, Tally Grazi, creates a nurturing atmosphere filled with upbeat group activities that engage each participant at his/her best capability. We offer caregivers support groups and educational programs with experts who provide invaluable information for managing the difficult financial, emotional and behavioral challenges of this illness.

You can help the SCC to continue and expand our invaluable and much needed services. Donations may be made to the Altoon Tunie Sutton Endowment Fund in the name of loved ones you wish to honor or those whose legacy you wish to remember.
The Altoon Tunie Sutton Endowment Fund was established by Marily Chira to honor the legacy of her beloved sister, Altoon Tunie Sutton, a community member who consistently gave to those in need and helped create the first caregivers support group at the SCC. This fund ensures in perpetuity the SCC’s commitment to provide supportive services for this population.

The more contributions received, the larger the endowment and the greater the proportion of funds available to meet the increasing demand for services.

Tax deductible contributions are payable to: SCC – Altoon Tunie Sutton Endowment Fund.
For more information, please contact Linda Eber at 718-954-3154 or click here to email her.