Young Adults

Frieda Tawil – Young Adult Director, 718-954-3146
Lee Saad – Young Adult Coordinator, 718-954-3139
Monique Chera, Morris Jerome, Helen Shamah – Co-Chairpeople

Grab the opportunity.

Take trips to great places you might never have ventured on your own while meeting new people. Adventure to places that guarantee a remarkably good time while providing a learning experience teeming with Jewish heritage.

Consider joining LIT (Leaders in Training) for the young adult who is into social action and wants to become a future leader of this community, or any other.

Young Adult Sports Leagues: Leagues catering to guys and girls who want to have a competitive game with their peers right here at the SCC. We are in the process of forming new sports opportunities for all. Please let us know what type of teams you want and we will try to make it happen. Registration is open for the guys basketball B-League now.

Participate in special events, sports leagues, cook offs, fashion shows, and more; join other Young Adults for fun. Meet and mingle.

Finally, your chance to get involved. Join one of our committees to help plan events, parties, LIT, sport activities, outings, trips and whatever else your imagination can take you to….

It’s your opportunity to grab the opportunity.