Women's League Rules

1. All games are 5 on 5.

2. 7th team foul shooting 1 and 1

3. 10th team foul shooting 2 shots.

4. Overtime is 5 minutes. (team fouls roll over)

5. 2 – time outs per half. One extra for overtime.

6. 2- 22 min halves.

7. 5 second rule in the paint.

8. Clock stops for timeouts only. At 2 minutes mark, clock will begin to stop at all whistles and foul shots.

9. No jewelry- no exceptions.

10. 3 pointers exist

11. All but shooter may rebound foul shot after release (not on rim/ basket contact). Shooter only allowed to rebound after ball makes contact with rim or basket.

12. No contact with rim or basket during a foul shot is violation on shooter. Other team’s ball.

13. Playoffs: If league consists of 8 teams, all teams make playoffs. If league consists of 6 teams, top 4 make playoffs. If league consists of 4 teams, all teams make playoffs.

14. No back court for half gym court games. Back court in effect for full gym court games.

15. Can advance the ball to half court in the last minute of the game or in overtime. Once get rebound must to call time without taking a step. If a basket or free throw is made they can call timeout before inbounding the ball. As soon as pull rebound, must call timeout- can not dribble before calling time out. If shooting free throws, time out must be called immediately after free throw was scored or after free throw was rebounded.

16. If a team has 6 people and one person doesn’t show it is the captains choice to get a sub or not

17. The league will be done with a draft between the captains.

18. All games must use a 28.5 Woman’s indoor basketball.

19. No subs during playoffs. (even if pregnant)

20. Captains are responsible for their own subs. Subs must be approved by the captain of the team they are playing.

21. Responsibility of all captains to coordinate subbing in a fair manner.

22. Any fights and both teams are subject to ejection and/ or forfeit.