Credits and Refunds

We understand that sometimes a program may not fit your child’s needs or wants or they are just unable to continue with programming based on age or injury.

  • The Center will refund money for a program within the first 2 weeks minus the pro-rated fee for the weeks attended.
  • After the 2nd week of programs, only credits will be issued. If you only start program after the 2nd week then you will not be entitled to a refund, only a credit.
  • Credit and refunds will only be issued from the time we are contacted about the cancellation of program and not based on the number of sessions attended.
      • We will assume your child is just absent if they do not attend which means we are still prepared for their attendance and therefore purchased supplies, uniforms & hired staff based on our rosters.
      • We will call if your child is absent for a 2nd week in a row
  • If your child is injured in the course of our programs or outside of the Center and cannot continue, we will refund you for the balance of the sessions.
  • If a program does not run because lack of registration, the Center will refund you in full.
  • The Center does not guarantee team placement and therfore will not issue refunds based on dislike of teams.
  • The Center will do everything in our power to handle all disciplinary issues but if we are unable to keep a child in program due to safety reasons, then money will be credited for the remaining sessions.