Contacting Us

While Lillian and Harry do contact many of you using their cell phones, please realize that we cannot respond to everyone that does text or call us especially on days of program, Friday & Sunday. The best way to reach us on the day of program is to call the front desk (718) 627-4300 and they will either help you or page us if needed. We prioritize answering messages left on our work lines Lillian (718) 954-3149 Harry (718) 954-3147. Please realize Harry is off on Mondays and Lillian is off on Wednesdays.

We are often asked, “What is the best way to reach you?”

The answer to that question varies depending on the situation. Please refer to the information below for the best way to handle these common contact situations.

Click here for Register for Programs
Click here for Changing a Group or Program
Click here for My Child Lost Something

Register for Programs

I want to register for programs

We try to accommodate everyone who wants to register for programs. Here are the best ways to get it done quickly.

Changing a Group or Program

I want to change my child’s group or program

We understand that children might want to change what they are doing after you have registered and we want to always make them happy. Here are some guidelines for contacting us about that.

  • We need you to contact us as early in the week as possible. The later you call, the more difficult it will be to make the change for that upcoming week.
  • We cannot make the change the day of programming. Rosters are already posted and this is for the safety of your child and all the children attending.
  • Call either Harry or Lillian at the center and we will try to accommodate you.
  • Speak to the front desk and they will contact Harry or myself about making the change.

My Child Lost Something

My child left something behind at the end of programs

It is very common for children to leave something behind when they leave our building. Do not send anything valuable with them on program days.

  • We cannot impress enough how important it is to clearly label your child’s belongings with their name. This way we can contact you when we find something knowing who it belongs to.
  • Many children own the same shoes, jackets, bags etc. It greatly facilitates matching your child with his/her belongings when they are labelled.
  • Call as early as possible. The longer the item has been left at the center, the harder it is to locate it. If you call us right away, chances are it is still in the same location it was left.
  • Children do take home other kids belongings thinking it is theirs. Please check what your child brings home to make sure it is indeed theirs.